Wednesday 9 December 2020

Is your Voter ID card not fake? Check like this

 National Voter Service Portal: Voter ID card is a very important document. Voter ID is used to prove vote and identity. It is also accepted by hand as it is an important government document.

 After applying for Voter ID card, it is delivered to your address. After receipt at the address, the applicant can sit at home to know whether the card is genuine or not. It is very easy to know.

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 This way check whether your Voter ID card is real or fake

 You can find out through the National Voters Service Portal.

 Step 1: You have to go to this website.

 Step 2: Click on Search in Electrol Roll here.

 Step 3: After that a new interface will open in front of you.

 Step 4: Here you have to enter your name, husband or father's name, date of birth, gender, EPIC number, state, captcha code.

 Step 5: After registering all this information, click on search.

 After doing this, the full details of the card will be revealed to you. Check the information entered in the card with the information on the screen. If both details are true then your card is genuine. Also, if the details have not been opened in front of you, it means that your card is fake. Or if the information is different, you can correct it.

 Note that users can apply for a new voter ID through the new voter registration option on this portal. In addition, if any incorrect information is entered in the card, it can also be corrected.

 Click here to create a new Voter Card

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