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Monday, 28 December 2020

PagarBook: Free App for Managing Employee Attendance, Work, Payment & Salary.

 PagarBook is a free & easy to use employee management, work & payroll management software app where you can manage all your staff and employee’s attendance, record the work done by your staff and employees and their salary, payments & advances can also be recorded in this app.

PagarBook can be used as a free digital attendance recorder or a register and a payments or staff salary manager for small and medium sized shops, factories & businesses.

PagarBook helps you to manage all your staff and employees on your mobile using this free digital employee management app. Replace traditional & ancient methods of doing hisab kitab and bookkeeping using khata books and for tracking staff and employees pagar khata & hajiri of staff.

PagarBook is an app based software for employee management system being used by all the small medium business merchants of India. It’s a free app with no monthly charges for using this free app including attendance and salary recorder, payment ledger. Can be used to make invoices or billings for the work done by the staff, workers or employees.

Using PagarBook you don’t need to worry about maintaining staff khata books / bahi or an attendance & payments ledger for recording advance payments and the manual effort of recording work of your daily wage workers. You can easily manage your staff salary khata digitally and record employee attendance & work timings. You can also record or maintain a digital ledger register for tracking the daily work completed by your staff, employees , calculate daily wages, manage payroll, manage their hourly, daily, weekly or monthly salary & do staff work billings & salary invoicing. It works as a digital payments entry book software app for your staff.

▪️ Easy employee attendance management software

- Manage & record attendance of your employees on a monthly or weekly or daily wage basis - Mark Absent, Present, Half Day or Partial hours & can automatically calculate daily wages & calculate daily work.

▪️ Manage All Type of Staffs

- You can manage Daily wage, Monthly wage and Work basis staff & piece work management on PagarBook App & generate their attendance reports or salary and payments report.

▪️ Advance payments

- Works as a digital salary manager and manages all the payments you make to your employees or daily wage workers on PagarBook App & keeps a track of their payroll system.

▪️ Reminders and Notifications

- Send sms & whatsapp notification to employees and staff about payments, bonuses, daily work, attendance & leaves.

▪️ Payroll Management

- Software for small businesses to manage salaries & payroll and can generate staff salary payslip & reports for your staff and share it in a pdf format on whatsapp. You can also use this staff Pagar Khatabook for making the invoicing report or bill report for making payments to the workers.

▪️ Multiple Languages

- Absolutely no-cost & free to use this pagar khata app by small businesses & medium enterprise owners in their own Indian language such as Hindi , Hinglish, English, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam & Odia.

▪️ 100% Safe and Secure with Password

- PagarBook app is Made in India for indian businesses and is 100% safe to use & can be secured by using a pin or password.

▪️ 100% Auto Data Back Up

- On this staff pagar khata app, all data linked to your phone number can be accessed from different devices. Now the merchants of Bharat need not fear the losing of staff salary records or registers or khata books. All staff related work & payment bills are automatically saved.

▪️ Hire Staff / Employees

- Make job posters & share in your circle for hiring employees, staff & daily wage workers or labourers

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