Friday 28 May 2021

Farmers Accidental Insurance Scheme Khedut accident Vima Yojna

 Farmers Accidental Insurance Scheme Khedut accident Vima Yojna

Farmers Accidental Insurance Scheme Khedut accident Vima Yojna: The government on Wednesday approved major changes to the Pradhan Mantri Pak Vima Yojana. Overcoming the shortcomings of the scheme has now made it voluntary for farmers. Under this crop insurance scheme launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in February 2016

, farmers needed to take this insurance cover. all the latest updates for more detail. At present, 58 percent of the total farmers are going to take loans. Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said the Union Cabinet has approved several changes in the PMFBI program. Because the organization and the state expressed concerns about it.

The minister said the Pradhan Mantri Pak Vima Yojana has been made voluntary. Highlighting the achievements of the scheme, which approved an insurance claim of Rs 60,000 crore, Tomar said that 30 percent of the arable sector has been included in the insurance program. The minister said insurance claims of Rs 60,000 crore have been accepted while premiums of Rs 13,000 crore have been collected.

ગુજરાતીમાં માહિતી માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Farmers Accidental Insurance Scheme Khedut accident Vima Yojna

Official Site for Agriculture and farmer:

Forms or G.R. related scheme :

Farmers Accidental Insurance Scheme Khedut accident Vima Yojna

Farmers Accidental Insurance Scheme Khedut accident Vima Yojna

With the revised resolution dated 13/11/2018 of the Agriculture, Farmer Welfare and Co-operation Department, increases of assistance in farmer accidental insurance scheme, coverage of any child instead of first survive child and coverage of registered farmer as per revenue record at the time of the accident or permanent disability are included in this scheme.The Government of Gujarat has started the Accountant Farmer Accidental Death / Permanent Disability Assistance Scheme for the benefit of the farmers.

The state from the auspicious day of 9th January 19th. The main objective of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to the heirs in case of accidental death or permanent disability of the account holder farmer. This scheme is a 100% state government assistance scheme. Under this scheme, the insurance premium is paid by the state government on behalf of all the account holders of the state.

A scheme to provide financial protection to the farmer’s account holder by giving him the benefit of insurance is currently under the Gujarat Collective Group (Janata Accident Insurance Scheme). Implemented through the Director of Insurance from 01/04/2009.

Farmers Accidental Insurance Scheme Khedut accident Vima Yojna

In addition to the account holder farmer, the first surviving heir (son/daughter) of the account holder farmer has been included in the account holder farmer accident insurance scheme from 01/7/2017 by the state government. Conditions for availing the benefit of the scheme

The deceased or permanently disabled person should have held land in his name in a joint or individual name.

Death or permanent disability must be present due to an accident.

Cases of natural death and suicide are not covered under the scheme.

In the case of an heir, the deceased account holder should be the first surviving heir (son/daughter) of the farmerThe benefit of the scheme

In this scheme, in case of death of the account holder farmer, the benefit will be given to the heir of the deceased account holder farmer and if the account holder farmer becomes disabled, the benefit will be given to the account holder farmer in the following details.In the case of death / permanent, complete disability due to accident Rs. 1,00,000 / –

In case of loss of two eyes or two limbs or arms/legs due to an accident, Rs. Rs.

In case of loss of one eye and one limb due to accident, Rs. 1,00,000 / –

In case of loss of one eye or one limb due to accident, Rs. 50,000 / –

The following persons will be the heirs of the beneficiaries under this insurance scheme in the following order.

The Agriculture Minister said that under the Pradhan Mantri Pak Vima Yojana, the Central Government and the State Government are currently contributing 50-50 percent of the premium. But the government has taken a big step for farmers in the North East. Here 90 percent contribution in crop insurance premium will be from the center and 10 percent from the state. Also, 3% of the plan amount will be on administrative arrangements. An official of the bank said that till now farmers who used farmer credit cards were required to get crop insurance for some crops. But now after this decision of the government, it will not be mandatory for farmers to get crop insurance.

He may or may not insure the crop if he wants to. This decision will be theirs voluntary. Govt approves Rs 4,558 crore plan for dairy sector The government on Wednesday approved a Rs 4,558 crore plan to boost the dairy sector. It will benefit about 95 lakh farmers. The decision was taken by the cabinet headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar told reporters. He said it would add a new dimension to the dairy revolution in the country. He also said that the Cabinet also approved a proposal to increase the benefit in the interest subsidy scheme from two percent to two and a half percent. Javadekar said the government has taken this decision in the interest of the farming community.

Tuesday 25 May 2021

If you don't believe, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram will be shut down in India in 2 days

 Un-social media curb ?: If you don't believe, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram will be shut down in India in 2 days

 While the toolkit issue is currently raging in India, the Indian government's new law on social media ethics will come into force in two days. Ignoring the new IT law as soon as the law is enacted could hit social media companies hard. However, even after a period of three months, social media companies like Facebook-Twitter or Instagram have shown no interest in following the rules. The question is whether the Indian government will give these companies more time to close Facebook-Twitter-Instagram in India in two days.

 What is the new social media law?

 In fact, on February 25, 2021, the Ministry of Electronics and IT of the Government of India announced the implementation of the Social Media or Digital Media Ethics Code. The new law covers social media, digital platforms or OTT to ban the spread of any kind of offensive or misleading content. The government also gave all social media platforms as well as companies three months to implement it.

 The deadline is May 25, the law will come into force on May 26

 The law, enacted to regulate digital media or social platforms, will take effect on May 26. All digital or social media was given three months to do so, ending on May 25.

 In the New Testament this is indispensable to all

 1 - Officers and Contact Addresses in India: For the most important social media intermediaries a) a Chief Operating Officer (b) a nodal contact person (c) a local grievance officer. All these should be employees living in India.

 2 - It is mandatory for social media intermediaries to have an office in India, which should be published on a website or mobile application or both.

 3- Grievance Redressal: Under the rules, intermediaries should be published on the website, mobile application or both with priority - (a) Name of the Complaint Officer and Contact Details (b) Procedure for making a complaint. The Complaints Officer must report the complaint within 24 hours. It has to be disposed of in 15 days.

 4- Monitoring of Harmful Content: Social media companies will use their technology to ensure that tools to remove rape, child violence, etc. are placed on their websites.

 The new law covers social media, digital platforms or OTT to ban the spread of any kind of offensive or misleading content.

 Only social media company Koo enforced the rules

 Indian social media company Koo has complied with all the guidelines in compliance with the new digital laws.

 Some companies asked for six months

 Several social media platforms have asked for six more months. While the ministry said this was easy to implement in three months. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram said the company was awaiting directions as its headquarters were abroad.

અહીંથી વાંચો સંપૂર્ણ રિપોર્ટ ગુજરાતીમા

 Arbitrary social platforms

 All social platforms are exempt under Section 79 of the IT Act, as they display third party data but they create their own standards by claiming protection and ignoring Indian laws. These social media platforms promote posts or fake posts that hurt the dignity of women or promote terrorism. While many other posts are deleted or modified and there are no criteria for that. This arbitrariness can be curbed after May 26.

Friday 21 May 2021

Blossom - Plant Identification APK Download 2021

 Blossom - Plant Identification APK Download 2021

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Thursday 20 May 2021

How to calculate age in Excel

 Finding the precise difference between two dates in Excel might not be a well-liked use, but it are often tons of fun. A classic example is functioning out someone’s age. It’s not as hard because it sounds, and there’s a handy function in Excel which will offer you a particular age to the day. Read on for recommendations on the way to calculate age in Excel.

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People might not always appreciate that you simply have a spreadsheet of their exact ages, but it can definitely have its benefits. Here’s the way to start .

How to calculate age in Excel

1. this is often a reasonably simple three-column task. to urge started, enter the date of a person’s birth into your first cell. In our example, we’re using Hanks , and his date of birth is in cell A2.

2. Now, enter today’s date into the cell next to your first cell. It’s just easier to stay both dates together if you’re tracking multiple ages.

3. within the third cell, for us it’s C2, enter the subsequent formula: =DATEDIF(A2, B2, “y”). the 2 cell identifiers are fairly straightforward, and using the letter y because the third indicator means you’re only curious about the amount of years.

You can also get a person’s age without entering today’s date within the second cell. to try to to this, change your formula to =DATEDIF(A2,TODAY(),”y”). Excel will do the remainder as far as identifying the date and calculating the age.

If you actually want to urge specific, you'll also calculate a person’s age on a selected date in history. We’re getting to get historical with our example and calculate the precise age of Hanks when the film Castaway was released: December 7, 2000.

The formula should appear as if this: =DATEDIF(A2, DATE(2000,12,7), “y”). Note that the date format is year, month, day.

The final, most specific measurement that you simply can make may be a person’s age, including months and days. The formula gets a touch bit longer than previous measurements, but the method remains an equivalent . Your formula should appear as if this: =DATEDIF(A2,B2, “y”) & “y” & DATEDIF(A2, B2, “ym”) & “m” & DATEDIF(A2,B2, “md”) & “d.”

While it's sort of a mouthful, once you break it down, it makes more sense. you would like to possess a DATEDIF function for every level of measurement, which suggests that the primary function indicates years. The second function measures the years and months, but the “m” ensures that it only displays the month. the ultimate function measures the differences in months and days without the years and displays the date with “d.”

Now you recognize the way to calculate age in Excel. Please only use your powers permanently .

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What else am i able to try?

Now that you’ve mastered one among the more niche Excel functions, what else are you able to do? For starters, you'll make a graph of all of the various ages that you’re calculating. you'll also write macros that calculate ages for you automatically. the planet of Excel is practically endless if you've got the time to practice, and we’re highlighting a replacement deal which will assist you do exactly that.

It’s called the entire Excel Bundle: Startup Toolbox, and it includes 12 total modules. you'll spend a while practicing almost anything you would like to find out , from large spreadsheets to logic functions and conditional formulas. the selection is yours, and you've got the liberty to finish each module at your own pace.

The 12 hands-on modules have a combined retail value of $2,800, but you'll snap it up for just $39 now on Tech Deals. this is often a comparatively new learning kit, but quite 400 people have already signed up. you'll join them and learn more via the widget below.

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Daily Market Report All APMC - Agriculture Marketing

 Daily Market Report All APMC - Agriculture Marketing


 Research and Information Network (MRIN) a sub-scheme of ISAM was launched in March 2000 to provide electronic connectivity to the wholesale markets of the country. The objective is to collect, analyse and disseminate market information to the farmers, traders, Policymakers and other stakeholders. More than 3200 markets are covered under the scheme and more than 2700 markets are reporting data at Agmarknet portal. More than 350 commodities and 2000 varieties are covered under the scheme.

Daily Market Report All APMC - Agriculture Marketing

The scheme is being implemented by the Directorate of Marketing & Inspection with technical assistance from the National Informatics Centre (NIC) and in association with the State Agricultural Marketing Boards/Directorates and APMCs.

Market Information about the price and arrival etc. for the agricultural produce is very vital to the farmers taking proper production and marketing decisions. The existence and dissemination of complete and accurate market information are key to achieve both operational and pricing efficiency in the marketing system.

The objective of the Scheme:

To establish a Nation-wide market information Network for speedy collection and facilitate collection and dissemination of information related to better price dissemination of market information and data for its efficient and timely utilisation. realization and market access by the farmers. This would cover:

Market-related information price-related information infrastructure-related information market requirement related information to sensitize and orient farmers to respond to new challenges in agricultural marketing by using IT as a vehicle of extension. To improve efficiency in agricultural marketing through regular training and extension for reaching region-specific farmers in their local language. To provide assistance for marketing research to generate market information for its dissemination to farmers and other market functionaries at the grass-root level to create an ambience of good marketing practices in the country information relating to the Schemes in respect of agricultural marketing implemented by the Government Departments and central agencies. Once the farm produce is standardised and labelled, backed by quality certification, it can be directly offered for sale on spot exchange in national and international markets.

The AGMARKNET portal also serves as a single-window for assessing websites of the various organisation concerned with Agricultural Marketing. It also provides weekly price trend report for important markets in respect of major agricultural commodities. It is linked with the Online Exchange Portals for providing spot and future prices for important commodities. 

beMarket Report All click Here

List of State Agricultural Marketing Boards/Directorates:Click Here

International price trends of various agricultural commodities are also accessible through this portal..

Tuesday 18 May 2021

NWDA Recruitment 2021 Across India for JE, Steno, UDC, LDC and Other Posts, Apply Online

 NWDA Recruitment 2021 Across India for JE, Steno, UDC, LDC and Other Posts, Apply Online

National Water Development Agency (NWDA), Delhi is hiring Junior Engineer, Hindi Translator, Jr. Accounts Officer, Upper Division Clerk, Upper Division Clerk Stenographer Grade-II and LDC. Details Here.

NWDA Recruitment 2021 Notification: National Water Development Agency (NWDA), Delhi has published a notification for recruitment to the post of Junior Engineer, Hindi Translator, Jr. Accounts Officer, Upper Division Clerk, Upper Division Clerk Stenographer Grade-II and LDC for its Headquarter and various field offices located across the country on its website i.e.

Eligible and interested candidates can apply for NWDA Delhi Recruitment 2021 from 10 May 2021. The last date for registration is 25 June 2021.

Important Dates

Starting Date of Application – 10 May 2021

Last Date of Application: 25 June 2021

Online Exam Date – to be notified

NWDA Vacancy Details

Junior Engineer – 16

Hindi Translator – 01

Jr. Accounts Officer – 05

Upper Division Clerk – 12

Stenographer – 05

Lower Division Clerk – 23


Junior Engineer – Level – 6 (Rs.35400-112400/-)

Hindi Translator – Level – 6 (Rs.35400-112400/-)

Jr. Accounts Officer – Level – 6 (Rs.35400-112400/-)

Upper Division Clerk – Level – 4 (Rs. 25500- 81100/-)

Stenographer – Level – 4 (Rs. 25500- 81100/-)

Lower Division Clerk – Level -2 (Rs.19900- 63200/-)

Age Limit:

Junior Engineer – 18-27 years

Hindi Translator – 21-30 years

Jr. Accounts Officer – 21-30 years

Upper Division Clerk – 18-27 years

Stenographer – 18-27 years

Lower Division Clerk – 18-27 years

(Age Relaxation for SC/ST/OBC/PWD/Women, as per Govt. Rules)

Selection Process for NWDA JE, Steno, UDC, LDC and Other Posts

For Junior Engineer, Hindi Translator, Junior Accounts Officer and UDC – The selection will be done through a competitive Computer Based online Test.

For Stenographer Gr-II and LDC – The selection will be done through a competitive Computer Based online Test and Skill Test (Shorthand/Typing). Typing Test will be conducted in English or Hindi on computer only

Application Fees:

Male General & OBC : Rs.840/-

SC, ST, Women, EWS, PWD: Rs.500/-

How to Apply for the NWDA Recruitment 2021 ?

Eligible candidates can apply Online for the posts through the NWDA’s Website (the direct link is given below). Last date of receipt of application is 25 June 2021.

NWDA Notification Download PDF

NWDA Website

Educational Qualification:

Junior Engineer – Diploma in Civil Engineering or equivalent from a recognised University or equivalent.

Hindi Translator – Master’s degree of a recognized University in Hindi with English as a compulsory or elective subject or as the medium of examination at the degree level; OR Master’s degree of a recognized University in English with Hindi as a compulsory or elective subject or as the medium of examination at the degree level; OR Master’s degree of a recognized University in any subject other than Hindi or English, with Hindi medium and English as a compulsory or elective subject or as the medium of a examination at the degree level; OR Master’s degree of a recognized University in any subject other than Hindi or English, with English medium and Hindi as a compulsory or elective subject or as the medium of a examination at the degree level; OR Master’s Degree of a recognized University in any subject other than Hindi or English, with Hindi and English as compulsory or elective subjects or either of the two as a medium of examination and the other as a compulsory or elective subject at degree level; AND Recognized Diploma or Certificate course in translation from Hindi to English & vice versa or two years’ experience of translation work from Hindi to English and vice versa in Central or State Government office, including Government of India Undertaking.

Jr. Accounts Officer – Degree in Commerce from a recognized University/Institute. Three year experience in Cash and Accounts in a Government Office/PSU/Autonomous Body/ Statutory Body

Upper Division Clerk – Degree of a recognized University.

Stenographer – 12th Class passed from a recognized Board/University. Skill(Shorthand) Test (on Computer) at the speed of 80 wpm.

Lower Division Clerk – 12th Class passed from a recognized Board; and A typing speed of 35 w.p.m. in English or 30 w.p.m. in Hindi on computer.

Windy Maps: Cyclone Tauktae live updates And Location App

 Windy Maps by chart the whole world in detail. Whether you love hiking, biking, or skiing, you will enjoy this app.

Plan your route and get to the destination thanks to turn by turn tourist voice navigation that works also offline. Get out of the city and start seeing the world with Windy Maps.

Key features Windy Maps:

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Travel tips in your surroundings Offline route planning with altitude profiles Offline search places, coordinates and categories including open hours and contacts.

Measuring distance by two fingers on the map Submitting photographs of places.

Even offline you can:

Use downloaded maps or regions Search locations all around the world Find the route and navigate at places.

without internet connectionsWhat’s New Winter map – map includes information about ski slopes, cross-country ski tracks and other winter information.

Shaded terrain relief – see the shape of the terrain in a realistic fashion, it gives Windy Maps an entirely new experience.

View Cyclone Live Update

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Live Cyclone Check Below:

Live વાવાઝોડું જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

live વાવાઝોડું જોવો સંદેશ ન્યુઝ લાઈવ

News Crop Short Information for Cyclone:

Windy lets you display observed wind and temperature, forecasted weather, airports around the World, 1500+ paragliding spots or nearby webcams right on the map.

Windy (also known as Windyty) is an extraordinary tool for weather forecast visualization. This fast, intuitive, detailed and most accurate weather app is trusted by professional pilots, paragliders, skydivers, kiters, surfers, boaters, fishermen, storm chasers and weather geeks, and even by governments, army staffs and rescue teams.

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Satellite & Doppler radar:

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Point of interests:

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Important Link are Below: Lice cyclone:

Download Windy App

Features and data sources:

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✅ +40 global weather maps

✅ Weather radar for many world locations

✅ 16 altitude levels from the surface to 13.5km/FL450

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✅ 50k+ Airports searchable by ICAO and IATA, including runway info, decoded & raw METARs, TAF and NOTAMs

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✅ Webcams

✅ Tide forecast

✅ Topographic maps by and Satellite imagery by Here Maps

✅ English + 40 other world languages.

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Article source By news paper

Monday 17 May 2021

Gujarat ready to hit Tau-Tane: Orange alert in Gujarat as hurricane becomes very strong, today it will hit at a speed of 175 kmph; There will be a landfall on the Mahuva coast tomorrow

 Appeal not to leave the house for two days

 Up to 10 inches of rain is possible in Saurashtra, more than 1.5 lakh people will be shifted to safer places

 Rain with strong winds in coastal areas including Ahmedabad, Vadodara, South Gujarat

 4 killed in Karnataka, heavy rains in Goa-Maharashtra

 The state government has claimed that it is fully prepared for the hurricane that will hit the coast of Gujarat at a speed of about 175 kmph on Monday. The state, meanwhile, has issued an orange alert urging people not to leave their homes for two days. Meanwhile, most of the coastal districts are likely to receive rains, while winds of 70 to 175 kmph will blow in 15 districts of the state.

 Hurricane 600 kilometers away

 Meanwhile, Union Home Minister Amit Shah held a video conference with Chief Minister Vijay Rupani to review the preparedness for the hurricane. The government has also directed the Army, Navy and Air Force to remain on stand-by so that the situation in the state does not get out of control. Is. After the review meeting, Additional Chief Secretary of the Revenue Department Pankaj Kumar said that the storm was moving 600 km from South Gujarat to Veraval. Is far away, which will come to the coast of Gujarat on the 17th and will cross from Porbandar to Mahuva in Bhavnagar on the 18th.

 Instruction not to plow the sea for five days

 Meanwhile, the state government has started relocating more than 1.5 lakh citizens to safer places as per the Kovid protocol. In addition to 44 NDRF and 6 SDRF teams, SRP, police and home guards have also been deployed in the coastal district for possible rescue operations. Fishermen have also been urged not to plow the sea for five days.

 The same wind will blow in 17 city-districts on the 18th

 Following the cyclone, heavy to very heavy rains will fall in various parts of Saurashtra, Kutch, Diu and Gujarat on the 17th. On May 17 and 18, the same wind will blow in Ahmedabad, Porbandar, Gir Somnath, Junagadh, Amreli, Bharuch, Anand, Botad, Surendranagar, Devbhoomi Dwarka, Morbi, Jamnagar, Rajkot, Dadarnagar Haveli, Valsad, Navsari and Kheda.

 Where to migrate, how many teams: 50 NDRF-SDRF teams

 As on Sunday afternoon, more than 15,000 people have been shifted to safer places in 17 districts including South Ahmedabad, Amreli, Anand, Kutch, Bharuch, Bhavnagar, Devbhoomi Dwarka, Gir Somnath, Jamnagar, Uju Junagadh, Rajkot, Morbi, Navsari Porbandar, Surat, Valsad and Botad. . One and a half lakh people will be shifted to safer places by Sunday night. Forty-four NDRF teams have been assigned to the rescue, while six SDRF teams have also been placed on stand-by.

 Preparations on a war footing

 A total of 44 NDRF teams are in Tehenat

 Arrangements like ICU on wheels stand by

 GEB teams are on the verge of disruption of power supply to taluka stations

 Teams from the Forest, Corporation also stand by, following fears of falling trees

 Army, Navy, Air Force also stand by

 At the end of oxygen supply means generator, power bank system in hospitals

 One and a half lakh people from several villages will be relocated to safer places through Kovid protocol

 Vaccination centers closed in the state for two days

 Ordering voluntary organizations to be ready

 Vaccination was postponed for two days in the state, Korona patients were shifted to a safe place

 Vaccination will be closed on two days i.e. 17th and 18th due to hurricane. Eighty-five ICU vans have been set up to evacuate patients undergoing Kovid-19 without disrupting oxygen and power supply.

 The hurricane is moving at a speed of 35 km and 16 km towards Gujarat

 The hurricane killed 4 people in Karnataka and 2 in Maharashtra. 7 districts are affected. An estimated 300 people are in refugee centers.

 Water seeped into homes in Goa. Heavy rains are likely in 4 districts of Maharashtra including Mumbai and Konkan. 101 NDRF teams have been deployed in the coastal states. The highest risk is in Gujarat.

Read to Gujarati Click hare...

 The epicenter was reported at 30 to 35 km / h. Is. There are no clouds or strong winds blowing over this ‘I’ while the brightest in the encirclement is about 150 km. The wind is blowing at the speed of an hour. When a hurricane hits the ground, the wind speed is 100-120 kmph. It is expected to happen and it will change from 'awful' to 'awful'.

Sunday 16 May 2021

12th board exams Big News

 The Gujarat government had canceled the Std-10 SSC board examinations in the wider interest of the students in view of the unusual circumstances of Corona. It has been announced to give mass promotion to the regular students of standard 10 for the upper class without examination. The decision was taken at a core group meeting chaired by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on Thursday.

A meeting was held today to decide whether to conduct Std-12 examinations under HSC board or to give mass promotion like Std-10. In which it has been unanimously decided not to give mass promotion to the students in the board examination of Std. 12 and the examination will be taken after the situation of Corona comes under control.

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ikhedut Portal Gujarat: Cow Sahay Per Month RS 900

 ikhedut Portal Web Portal for agriculture and farmers welfare gujarat. Ikhedut portal gujarat has been launched by the Gujarat government. The main aim of this ikhedut Gujarat Portal is to provide benefit to the farmers of the state. The state starts various schemes for the farmers for farming such as horticulture, fisheries, water conservation, and many more. ikhedut Gujarat Portal is Online Plateform for Khedut Yojana. You can visit and Get regular latest Updates.

Assistance of Rs.900 / – per month (within the annual limit of Rs.10800 / -) for maintenance cost for a cow to a farming family engaged in full natural farming based on native cows.

Cow Farming Information are Below/ ikhedut Portal:

To Do Natural Farming, One Cow Earns RS. 900 Will Get Maintenance Costs Government’s decision to double farmers’ income through natural agriculture The farmer who wants to avail the benefit has to apply on the ikhedut portal Gujarat.

In order to give priority to indigenous cow based natural farming by the state government, farmers have to pay RS. 900 i.e. a maximum of RS 10,800/- The government has shown readiness to do RS 10,800. To avail this assistance, farmers have to apply online on the ikhedut Portal Gujarat. From the date of approval of the application for the available period of that quarter RS 900 will be paid for maintenance.

After applying online, the applicant gets a printout of the application, signs it / thumbs up, copies 2-A, if there is a joint account holder, consent form of other account holder, copy of bank passbook / canceled check, including BTM / ATM / Gramsevak of the taluka, project director -The office of the soul must be presented It may be mentioned here that the Gujarat government is constantly striving for effective agricultural management for the farmers in the state, reduction in the uncertainty of agricultural production, reduction in agricultural expenditure and increase in the income of the farmers.

Natural farming is the cultivation of low cost cow dung and cow urine based on the basic principles of nature. Subsistence cost for a cow to a farming family based on indigenous cow farming for the purpose of increasing soil moisture storage capacity, fertility and productivity, negligible production cost, higher cost, water saving and protection, nutrition and breeding of environment and human health. It has been decided to provide this assistance.

How to apply for ikhedut portal gujarat?

Step 1: Go to the ikhedut portal yojana gujarat official website

Step 2: On the home page of i Khedut, you have to click on the ‘’schemes’’ option.

Step 3: After that you have to choose anyone scheme according to your choice.

Step 4: Now clicking on the link, a new page will be appearing on the screen and you have to click on the plan or scheme you want to enroll.

Step 5: After that you will ask for, you already registered in the scheme or not. If you already registered then you have to click on the ‘’no’’ and then ‘’proceed’’ option.

Step 6: After that a new page will be appear on the screen, and you have to click on the ‘’new application form’’ option.

Step 7: Now you have to fill all necessary details and the bank details.

Step 8: After that you have to fill the ration card and land details of the applicant.

Step 9: Now you have to enter the captcha code displayed on the screen in the given box.

Step 10: Now, you have to click on the ‘’submitted’’ button.

Top Link are here Mention:

Click to application Online website

Last date application: 17-06-2021

How to download the ikhedut mobile application:

Step 1: Firstly, go to the google play store in your mobile phone.

Step 2: After that you have to click on the search bar and enter the application name.

Step 3: Now you have to click on the ‘’search’’ option.

Step 4: After that you have to click on the ‘’download’’ option.

Step 5: Now you have to install the app in your mobile phone.

Saturday 15 May 2021

Karkirdi margadarshan Book pdf Download : Career Guidance Book in Gujarati 2021.

 Karkirdi margadarshan Book pdf Download : Career Guidance Book in Gujarati 2021.

What to do after 10th? Career Options after SSC

Have you just completed your 10th standard (SSC)? You may be confused about deciding a right career path. You might have many questions in mind like What should I do after 10th? , Which stream should I select? Science , Commerce or Arts?, Which is a better field? Selecting the right course after class X is very important as this will have an important impact on what will you become in future. You can visit to Naukarione and Get regular latest information here.


What Afer SSC Science or Commerce or Arts?

A good option after 10th is studying +2 or HSC. It can help to secure a strong foundation for further studies like graduation and post graduation. The selection of the streams for 11th and 12th standard (HSC) depends upon the students aptitude but the most important factor is one’s interest in the subject and the purpose for selecting the course.

Whether to choose science, commerce or arts stream is the most difficult thing to decide for students. Lets make it simple. Choose a field in which you have passion. Remember, no field is better or superior than other. It just depends on what you like to do.

If you select Science stream, you have further 3 more options for selecting the subjects. You can select Maths or Biology from the optional subject. Some students opt for both Mathematics and Science subjects. If you want to become engineer then select Maths and if you want to go in medical field then select Biology.

Gujarat Information department published career Guidance Book (Karkirdi Margdarshan). You can view or download this book in pdf format by below mentioned link. This book is published by Gujarat Information Department each year. You can get guidance for what after 10th and what after 12th.

Career Guidance Book 2021

karkirdi margadarshan Book

Opportunities after 12th:

Courses after 12th Science

Cut off list for Medical Courses

Opportunities after 12th Commerce

Attractive courses of Financial Management

Water Resources Management

Entrance Tests after 12th

Career in Graphic Design Fashion Technology

Para Medical Field

Marine Engineering

Courses at Gujarat State Rakshashakti University

Forensic Science Courses

Career in Merchant Navy

Fire Technology

Career in Hotel, Tourism and Hospitality

Printing and Packaging Industry

Opportunities after 10th:

Diploma courses for Engineering

Opportunities after 10th

Career oriented technical courses in ITI


Instead of going for HSC (10 +2 years), you can opt for Diploma engineering after standard 10. Some fields that you can select in diploma are Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Computer technology, Information technology, Information & Control Engineering, Power Engineering, Mechatronics, Hotel Management and Cattering technology, Plastic engineering, Fabrication Technology, Chemical Engineering, Printing Technology, Ceramic Technology, Architecture Assistant-ship, Automobile Engineering, Metallurgy, Textile Manufacturing, Textile Processing, Mining Engineering etc. You will generally need to give an entrance test to get admission. Generally the Central diploma admission committee takes the exam.

Important Link are Below for karkirdi margadarshan Book:

karkirdi margadarshan Book(What a next from 10 std)

Apart from these, there are also many other options such as joining ITI, ITC, Indian Army, Navy and Police Force.

Career Guidance Book in Gujarati (What after 10th / 12th?)

Gujarat Information department published career Guidance Book (Karkirdi Margdarshan). You can view or download this book in pdf format by below mentioned link. This book is published by Gujarat Information Department each year. You can get guidance for what after 10th and what after 12th.

Gujarati Shayari app free Download

 Download free Gujarati Shayari app

The Love Gujarati Shayari app has love messages for everyone in Gujarati fonts, and this app is waiting for Love SMAB for Gujju friends, now filter by your best categories, Prem Shayari, Pyaar Karena, Akhada Prem Shayari, Akhada Kane. So this collection is for people who understand Gujarati language.

Love Gujarati Shayari has many features that make you very simple and easy to use. As follows

Share, Swipe to Change, Home Screen Widget, Favorites, Copy Pi, Forward, Material Design & Filter Author & Categories and many more options are available in Gujarati Love Mode.

Gujarati Shayari Lessons with Shayari Lessons Gujarati Love SMS And Gujarati shayari for easy sharing and offline fly as Gujarati offline fly in Gujarati format to maintain status of Gujarati love on WhatsApp for text sharing to friends, and any other charges for using this app do not fly completely offline and are free.

Click here to install Gujarati Shayari Android application

Download apps from Google Play

Open Google Play

Find the app you want or find the Gujarati Shayari app

To find out if an app is trustworthy, find out what others have to say about it.

Gujarat is likely to be hit by a hurricane, find out when and which city will be hit

 Gujarat is likely to be hit by a hurricane, find out when and which city will be hit

 This year's first hurricane is likely to hit the Kitch area of ​​Gujarat on May 20

Due to the storm, winds of 30 to 40 kmph are likely to erupt in Gujarat

The first hurricane of 2021 will strike this week. However, the storm will only hit Gujarat. On the morning of May 14, the southeast coast of Arabia is expected to be a place of pressure. 

The East Central Arabian Sea can light up in the form of a storm on May 16 and could rise northwest. A severe storm on May 16 is expected to bring heavy rains between May 14 and 16 in many areas, including Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.


 This storm will be the first hurricane of the year. When the storm (Tauktae cyclone) becomes a hurricane, it will become a hurricane as its strength increases. 

This time Myanmar gave us the name. It is likely that this year's first storm will pass the Kitch area of ​​Gujarat on May 20.

According to India's weather department, there are various types of storms at this time. While some models indicate that the storm could pass along the coast of Oman, other models point to South Pakistan. Which means the storm will affect other parts of Gujarat.

2s linear 0s; vertical-align: baseline;">સંભવિત વાવાઝોડા અંગે પૂર્વ તૈયારી અંગેનો લેટર

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

અહીંથી જુઓ હવામાન ની LIVE સ્થિતી

Gujarat is likely to be hit by 'Taukte' on May 19-20 in Saurashtra-Kutch and winds of up to 35-40 kmph could erupt. The storm is likely to hit the coast of Saurashtra on May 19 for now. Also, winds are likely to blow at a speed of 30 to 40 kmph in Gujarat due to the storm.

Thursday 13 May 2021

Indian Army Recruitment

 Indian Army Recruitment

Last Date : 04 June 2021

Applications are invited from unmarried male and unmarried female LAW GRADUATES for grant of Short Service Commission in the Indian Army for Judge Advocate General Branch.

Post Name : JAG Entry Scheme 27th Course OCT 2021

No. of Posts : 08 Posts 

(Men – 06 Posts, Women – 02 Posts)

Educational Qualification :

Minimum 55% aggregate marks in LLB Degree (three years professional after graduation or five years after 10+2 examination).

The candidates should be eligible for registration as an advocate with Bar Council of India/State. Candidate should be from a College/University recognized by Bar Council of India.

Salary : Rs.56,100 – 1,77,500/- Level


Age Limit : 21 to 27 years as on 01 Jul 2021 (Born not earlier than 02 Jul 1994 and not later than 01 Jul 2000; both dates inclusive).

Indian Army JAG Entry Scheme 27th Course OCT 2021 

Application Fee :

There is no Application fee

How to Apply Indian Army JAG Entry Scheme 27th Course OCT 2021 :

Interested candidates may apply Online through the website from 06.05.2021 to 04.06.2021.

Important Dates : 

Indian Army JAG Entry 27th Course OCT 2021

Starting Date for Submission of Online Application : 06 May 2021


Date for Submission of Online Application : 04 June 2021

Job Location: All India

Sunday 9 May 2021

VidMate Video Downloader APK 2021

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scheme for Dikari: Gujarat Vahli Dikri Yojana 2020 Application / Registration Form

 Gujarat govt. is running Vahli Dikri Yojana 2020 (Dear Daughter Scheme) for girl children of the state. Under this Vahli Dikri Yojana, the state govt. will provide education incentives and Rs. 1 lakh to first and second daughters of family. This one lakh assistance amount would be provided when the girl attains the age of 18 years. People would be able to fill the Vhali Dikari Yojna registration / application form to avail assistance.

The state govt. of Gujarat has started Vhali Dikri Yojana 2020 in order to improve the sex ratio which currently stands at 883 girls per 1000 boys. The amount under Vahli Dikari Yojna would be provided for wedding or higher education.

scheme for Dikari: Gujarat Vahli Dikri Yojana 2020 Application / Registration Form

In the recent Gujarat Budget 2019-20, the state govt. has allocated Rs. 133 crore for Vahli Dikri Yojana.

Gujarat Vahli Dikri Yojna 2020 – Application / Registration

Interested eligible candidates can visit the official website of Gujarat government for information about the application forms of Vahli Dikri Yojana. The direct link to download Gujarat Vahli Dikri Yojana 2020 application / registration form is given here – The Gujarat Vahali Dikari Yojana online registration form will appear as shown below:-

All the applicants can download this Gujarat Vahli Dikri Yojana application form in PDF format and can enter all the necessary details accurately. Upon entering all the details, applicants would be able to “Submit” it to the concerned authorities for further approval. After the Vahali Dikri Yojana registration form gets approved, applicants will start receiving the amount directly into their bank accounts.

Gujarat Vahli Dikri Yojna 2020 – Amount Benefits

The amount to 1st and 2nd daughters of family would be given in the following manner:

When Will Assistance be Transferred Details Amount under Vahli Dikri Yojana

Enrollment in Class 1st Early Intervention Part Rs. 4,000

Enrollment in Class 9th Late Intervention Part Rs. 6,000

Attaining 18 years of Age Wedding or Higher Education Rs. 1,00,000

Vahli Dikri Yojana is going to reduce the dropout rate of girls from education and would also prevent child marriage. As soon as the Vahali Dikri Yojana application / registration form are out, we will update it here.

Gujarat Vahli Dikri Yojana Eligibility

Gujarat Vahli Dikri Yojana is going to improve the birth rate of girls and will strengthen the socio-economic status of the girls in society. All the applicants must fulfill the following eligibility criteria to become eligible for Vahli Dikri Yojana. 

Gujarat Government Schemes 2020 POPULAR SCHEMES IN GUJARAT:RTE Gujarat Admission 2020-21Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay YojanaNAMO E Tab Scheme Registration – Apply for Acer / Lenovo Tablet in Gujarat

Applicant must be a permanent resident of Gujarat state.

The girls must belong to a poor family with annual income of less than 2 years.

This is a first of its kind initiative in the state of Gujarat for daughters of poor families.

Gujarat Vahli Dikri Yojana Application Form PDF


The plan is open to the first two girls of a family.

The applicant must be a resident of Gujarat.

The candidate must have a valid bank account and this amount will be transferred to the account which is linked with the Aadhaar card.

The annual income of the family of the girl child concerned should not exceed Rs 2 lakh.

The scheme is open to all categories of girls and not only for reserved categories but also for general.

Further, no special qualification is required to avail of this scheme.

Documents Required

Domicile certificate issued by the concerned organization/department of the state.

Birth certificate of the girl child.

Proof of annual income of family up to Rs 2 lakh in income certificate.

Beneficiary’s bank account passbook.

Identity proof of the girl’s parents.

And any other documents

Visit to Official site Government of Gujarat: Click here

Gujarat Vahali Dikari Yojana 2020/21 Form Download 

This scheme will prevent female foeticide, promote education of girls and provide a substantial sum to fund higher education and wedding of girls.

Friday 7 May 2021

Do this to avoid ATM, DEBIT, CREDIT card or e-payment fraud

 Online transactions are now commonplace. The e-payment system has now come to the forefront of small pan masala. Then the chances of cheating have also increased a lot. People are cheating by adopting different techniques.

Be careful when using an ATM card or debit card, credit card. So as not to fall victim to deception.

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items.

So watch the video from the link below to get this complete information ...

ઓનલાઇન ટ્રાન્જેક્શન અત્યારે સામાન્ય થઈ ગયા છે. નાના પાન મસાલાના ગલ્લા પર પણ હવે ઇ પેમેન્ટ સિસ્ટમ આવી ગઈ છે. ત્યારે તેનાથી છેતરાવાના ચાન્સ પણ ઘણા વધી ગયા છે.. જુદી જુદી તરકીબો અપનાવીને લોકો છેતરી રહ્યા છે. 

ATM કાર્ડનો ઉપયોગ કરતા હોઈએ કે ડેબિટ કાર્ડ, ક્રેડિટ કાર્ડનો યુઝ કરતા હોઈએ ત્યારે ચાલાક રહેવું જોઈએ . જેથી છેતરાવાના ભોગ ના બની જવાય.

તેનાથી બચવાના કેટલાક ઉપાયો અહીં વીડિયોમાં સૂચવવામાં આવ્યા છે.. જે જાણી લેવાથી કદાચ તમે લાખો રૂપિયાના નુકસાન થવાથી બચી શકો છો.

તો આ સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી મેળવવા માટે નીચે આપેલ લિંક પરથી વિડીયો જુઓ... 

Online transactions are now commonplace. The e-payment system has now come to the forefront of small pan masala. Then the chances of cheating have also increased a lot. People are cheating by adopting different techniques.

 Be careful when using an ATM card or debit card, credit card. So as not to fall victim to deception.

 Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items.

 So watch the video from the link below to get this complete information ...

GoI Calendar - Official Government of India Application for Calendar and Diary

ભારત સરકારની ડિજિટલ કેલેન્ડર અને ડાયરી માટેની એપ્લિકેશન લોન્ચ કરે છે, હવે આ સુવિધા મોબાઈલ ફોનમાં મળશે. 

The Government of India has launched the official application for digital calendar and diary, now available only in the phone. This feature has been launched.

 This is the first time any government calendar and diary has been presented in digital form.

 The digital calendar and diary application has been launched by Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar, the digital calendar and diary application is currently available only in Hindi and English.

 The feature will soon be rolled out to 15 other languages. The theme of the calendar and diary will be changed every month.

Wednesday 5 May 2021

WABox - Toolkit For WhatsApp & advanced threat protection APK Download Free 2020

 WABox - Toolkit For WhatsApp & advanced threat protection APK Download Free 2020

WABox is a complete toolkit for WhatsApp that brings you all the incredible features needed in advanced threat protection. From Status Saver for WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web Scanner to some advanced features like WhatsDeleted - that shows deleted WhatsApp messages and media, Transparent WhatsApp, and Direct Chat, WABox packs-in the finest advanced threat protection goodies.

The app comes with a remarkably beautiful and easy to use interface created with the latest advanced threat protection in mind. Here's a full list of features that WABox offers:

WhatsApp Web Scanner - Scan a QR Code of WhatsApp Web advanced threat protection right inside the app to enjoy WA web services.

Language Support - Support for Portuguese(pt), German(de) and Spanish(es) languages.

Status Saver for WhatsApp Video/Images - Easily download WhatsApp status images or videos with WABox in advanced threat protection.

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WhatsDeleted - View deleted WhatsApp messages and Images when the sender deletes for everyone with advanced threat protection.

Walk & Chat - A fantastic feature that leverages the phone's camera to make WhatsApp chat background transparent with less opacity.

WhatsApp Cleaner App 2020 - Saves an ample amount of space by cleaning WhatsApp sent images, videos, documents, and cache.

Fake Chat & Call - A fun tool to create a fake WhatsApp conversation or call in advanced threat protection.

Text Repeater Pro - Repeat any text up to 10,000 times with this feature.

ASCII Text Art Generator for WhatsApp - It offers a plethora of ASCII ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯ faces in Happy, Angry, and other categories.

Direct Chat - Start a conversation or message to the unsaved numbers on WhatsApp.

Text To Emoji Converter - Easily convert any written word or text to emojis with advanced threat protection.

Shake To Open WhatsApp - A quick shortcut to land you on WhatsApp's home screen from anywhere on the phone.

Gallery - A dedicated gallery to keep all the WhatsApp media in one place.

How to change ration card APL to BPL in Gujarat ?

 How to change ration card APL to BPL : ration card gujarat helplinegujarat ration card list 2019 how to get bpl card in gujaratgujarat ration card list village wiseonline ration card printration card onlinefcs gujaratration card status

gujarat ration card list village wise bpl list 2019 gujarat gujarat bpl ration card bpl card gujarat| gujarat bpl ration card 2019 update list, USU faculty and staff provide support throughout the life of the program and beyond, to ensure each student succeeds in their mission to advance their career. The baccalaureate degree program in nursing at United States University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education HEALTH SCIENCE PROGRAm

How can I get BPL card in Gujarat?

Necessary Document for APL to BPL in Gujarati 

Visit a bio-photo service center in your new taluk along with your “surrender certificate” . Open your ration card details online, update your address, RR number,member detail any, etc., at the photo center only, collect a computer generated, printed acknowledgement.

When applying for a ration card, it is necessary to submit the following documents along with the application form.

Proof of Date of Birth.

Proof of Residence.

PAN card.

Driving license.

Passport size photograph.

Aadhaar Card.

Above Poverty Line (APL) ration cards that were issued to households living above the poverty line (as estimated by the Planning Commission). Below Poverty Line (BPL) ration cards that were issued to households living below the poverty line. These households received 25-35 kilograms of food grain

Form is here: All Application form for APL to BPL

Visit the official website of the Gujarat Government i.e.

Click on the “Revenue” tab given on the homepage.

Select the “More” option from the dropdown list.

Click on the “Application for new ration card” icon given under Online Services.

Eligibility criteria For Permanent Delhi Ration CardIn order to apply for the new ration card, one should be a permanent citizen of Delhi. One should not hold an old ration card if he/she is applying for a new ration card. Needs to produce income proof to apply for the APL and BPL Ration card.

Tuesday 4 May 2021

Lockdown may take place in Gujarat after May 5 for corona chain broken

 A number of restrictions have been imposed in 29 cities of the state in Gujarat, starting from the night curfew till May 5, amid the Corona riots. From the courts to Gujarat's traders, doctors and the general public are also demanding a lockdown. Under these circumstances, a lockdown may be imposed across Gujarat for one week from May 5 to quickly break the chain of corona in Gujarat and remove the medical emergency that has arisen. Serious consideration is also being given to it.

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A number of restrictions have been imposed in 29 cities of the state in Gujarat, starting from the night curfew till May 5, amid the Corona riots. From the courts to Gujarat's traders, doctors and the general public are also demanding a lockdown. Under these circumstances, a lockdown may be imposed across Gujarat for one week from May 5 to quickly break the chain of corona in Gujarat and remove the medical emergency that has arisen. Serious consideration is also being given to it. 


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-Post gaming tips, videos, collections, or special gaming moments that you want to share!

Lockdown amulet treatment to alleviate medical emergencies Medical emergencies

like shortage of hospital beds, oxygen, medicine, injections have been going on in Gujarat for the last few days amidst coronary heart disease. Despite a curfew in 29 cities across the state, the number of cases has dropped dramatically, with more than 150 deaths a day. The condition of beds in hospitals is also deteriorating. Apart from the Gujarat High Court, the Supreme Court and the Centre's Covid Task Force have also recommended to the government to lockdown.

Lockdown News Gujarat: Check Here

Gujarat , instead of extending the curfew and night curfew after May 5, lockdowns may be imposed, as cases of corona are increasing at an alarming rate in cities as well as villages. The reason for this is that due to the absence of lockdown, the people have become unconscious and have started reaching out to the villages in the city and super spreaders are increasing in Gujarat.

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Monday 3 May 2021

Social Downloader for Android Video and Status Saver Best App for Android

 Social Downloader for Android Video and Status Saver Best App for Android, Social Video Downloader allows downloading your favourites videos and images.

Social Video Downloader allows downloading your favourites videos, images, stories and status from any social media platform.

Tap, View & Save! Save all the Statuses!

Loved a Friend’s Status?

Well, You are at the Right App page

How to Use?

1 – Check the Desired Status/Story…

2 – Open Status Saver, Click on any Image or Video to View…

3 – Click the Save Button…


1 – Check the Desired Status/Story…

2 – Hold on a Status to Enable Multi Selection,

3 – Select “Save” from the Toolbar Menu!

The Status Image/Video is Instantly saved to your Gallery!

The Only App in the Store which shows you Statuses from 4 Different Apps/Environments!

They include –

1) Normal Statuses,

2) G.B Statuses,

3) Business Statuses,

4) Normal Statuses from Parallel Space Pro!

Notable Features:

* Multi Save, Delete, Repost / Share, Delete,

* Easy Repost even without Saving,

* Easy & Fast Saving,

* Built in Image Viewer & Video Player,

* Easy Navigation!

Social Media Status/Video/Picture down-loader for almost all social media.

All social media platforms is a free Android App to download All Social Media Videos and Images, story saver. It gives feature to Save WhatsApp, Likee, Facebook, TikTok , Instagram, Josh, Chingari, Miltron, Snack Video, ShareChat, Roposo, Mx TakaTak, Moj and Twitter – Status, Videos, Images and story saver will All in One Status Saver. It also provide feature to easily share them from the App. Download the app and get all the features in just one application. It is application of small size with multi-feature, and thus it called it as All in One Status Saver or Video-Status downloader. Application also have the Gallery for all Saved Status, Videos and Images.

Important Link:

Download Social Downloader App

NB : All the steps to use application is given in the app very clearly and in brief. All step by step instruction is provided to How to Use Status Saver for Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Likee, ,Josh, Chingari, Miltron, Snack Video, ShareChat, Roposo, Mx TakaTak and Moj.


Social downloader app provides the ability to Share video or picture without saving it first

All Video downloader app has a Built in video player to play videos within the app

With All Video downloader app one can Download videos from Facebook stories

Repost, Share, Delete easily using All Video downloader app

All Video downloader app supports over 14 social applications to download from.

Finance Ministry Recruitment 53 Post for Officer Registrar 2021

 Finance Ministry Recruitment 53 Post for Officer Registrar 2021

Ministry of Finance has released the latest notification for the Finance Ministry recruitment 2021 of Recovery Officer, Registrar, Assistant Registrar Vacancy at 53 posts. Candidates wishing to apply through the official website recruitment 2021 for Finance Ministry Jobs Vacancy at 53 posts of the Recovery Officer, Registrar Post can apply by 30 June 2021.


Finance Ministry Recruitment 53 Post for Officer Registrar 2021

Finance Ministry Notification Jobs 2021

Job details

No. of posts: 53

Name of posts:

Assistant Registrar: 17 Posts

Registrar: 10 Posts

Recover Officer: 26 Posts

Educational Qualification

Degree in Law are eligible to apply for the recruitment

Applicants must have experience in Legal and Judicial work experience.

Age limit

30 years

Selection Process

Candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of their educational qualifications and the post-qualification experiences for the Interview process.

How to Apply

Interested and Eligible Candidates can apply offline by send application form to below mentioned address.

Important Dates

Application start from: 29/04/2021

Last date for application: 30/06/2021

Important Links:

Ministry of Finance Registrar and Assistant Registrar Notification 2021

Ministry of Finance Recovery Officer Notification 2021

Address: The Director CS-I (D), Department of Personnel & Training, Lok Nayak Bhawan New Delhi- 110041

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