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Friday, 22 July 2022

Mr. Rakesh Rajdev's Endeavoring Furtherance for His Society in Incredible Ways

 Rakesh Rajdev currently resides in Rajkot. Rakeshbhai is the owner of Roma Kristo Hotel and Kanuda Mitra Mandal in Dwarka. Rakeshbhai is also known as a social activist along with the owner of the hotel.

Kanuda Mitra Mandal Institute

Kanuda Mitra Mandal is the main body of the organization. "NO BODY WILL BE LEFT BEING DEPRIVED AND WORN OUT"

Under the supervision of Rakeshbhai Rajdev, Kanuda Mitra Mandal has helped many needy people. During festivals, he also engages in social work. Helping the needy, donating during festivals is what Rakeshbhai has been doing for a long time. Rakeshbhai Rajdev and his organization distribute food grains and pulses to many poor people. And educational kits are distributed to the students. Giving beds to many patients in the time of Corona has a prominent place in the work of many such services.

Fake news

Rakeshbhai Rajdev being honest, kind and helpful was taken advantage of by his business rivals. He was falsely defamed without any fault on his part. His rivals conspired to affect his business. During this time he faced many problems. .But finally Rakeshbhai Rajdev bravely and steadfastly faced all the odds to clear his name and prove himself innocent. This whole conspiracy was to affect his business and him by his business rivals. Rakeshbhai Rajdev is a good person, inspiring and ambitious person.

Helped the students

Rakeshbhai Rajdev and Kanuda Mitra Mandal distribute educational kits to needy students in many schools. School bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, books, pens, pencils, drawing books, color kits are distributed to many students. The children keep distributing food and gifts in the old age home with the aim of bringing supernatural happiness. Rakeshbhai and his family always play a prominent role in the service.

Played the best role in an epidemic like Corona

Rakeshbhai Rajdev is helping many people in the corona epidemic without caring about his health and staying away from home. Food packets, masks, sanitizing kits, and toys for the small children of special workers, and necessary items for more than 50,000 workers in more than 34 trains in the corona epidemic. Distribution was done. Kanuda Mitra Mandal helped all the needy people during the corona epidemic. Kanuda Mitra Mandal managed by Rakeshbhai did very important work day and night from making food packets to handing them to the needy people. Every day from early morning to 3 am to night His service was done till 11 o'clock without any hope. In the corona epidemic, the members of Kanuda Mitra Mandal were on their feet to provide service. And distributed breakfast kits and masks to many workers. Rakeshbhai Rajdev and his group Kanuda Mitra Mandal are always at the forefront of service work. .

All arrangements were also made for accommodation and food for Corona warriors doctors in Corona epidemic.

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Monday, 4 July 2022

How to Riser App and Online Earning by Riser App

 How to Riser App and Online Earning by Riser App

Online Earning by Riser App and

 Create Your Short Video

 Riser App Kya Hay is the first such platform in India which is made only and only to make our Indian youth self-reliant. Where our Indian youth have whatever skill they have, they can earn income by monetizing that skill and talent. Riser app you can see now.

After reading such news, most of them keep thinking that what a bad time will come if everyone remains unemployed and inflation keeps rising. But it is not so in real life! Wherever a person is, he earns according to his talent.

 Oops! You will be surprised that many people have become beggars and have become millionaires. What a great way to trick people. So if you are also unemployed then worry and identify your talent and start earning! Today's era has gone digital! Today we read the newspaper in the morning and you get to know how many people have become unemployed and the prices of things have gone up! Almost all work is done online!

 Digitization is done! At such a time, we have also brought for you today how to earn digitally! let us know!

 Aim (Mission) of Riser App?

 The Riser App aims to provide a common platform to all the youth irrespective of their background, where to make a living for themselves, by using their skills. Presently lakhs of youth from all over India are unemployed at home, who have been gifted with a skill or talent, which they are unable to demonstrate or utilize due to various constraints. Riser App aims to support Indian youth step by step on their journey to become more independent, confident and solopreneur.

RISER APP से पैसे कैसे कमाए ? 

RISER APP we know about the goal of this application but unless people make some money it's all in vain like a dream! So now we know how people can earn money by making videos here? So let's know step by step that if you also want to earn from RISER APP then what will you have to do. 

Product Sales Riser app 

The RISER team promotes this video via the application and make sure that this reaches to the large number of users registered in the application

Register Riser App

Grow Your Local Business use Riser app 

The best part of the application is that it is purely location based which helps you to target customer locally and help in rapid growth of the business. If you have an existing business like beauty parlor, Yoga class or nutrition clinic you can promote the business with RISER application and ensure that more people living nearby are aware of your business. Not only this, nearby users will also be able to find your business in the application and approach you in case of specific requirement. Eg if you own a beauty parlor, if in case a nearby customer is having a marriage, they will know that nearby there is a user who provides this service and can approach you.

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