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Thursday, 2 July 2020

New feature Facebook launches new avatar feature, users can create their own virtual look and share

The Avatar feature supports many types of faces, hairstyles and outfits

The company first released it for users in Australia and New Zealand

Delhi. Facebook has launched the Avatar feature in India. This feature allows the user to customize their own virtual look, which can be shared as a chat and comment sticker. The Avatar feature supports a wide variety of faces, hairstyles and outfits, the company said.

Facebook said it launched Avatar in India because people across the country have shifted to the internet for social interaction due to lockdowns. India is also the second largest internet market in the world.

Snapchat works just like BitMoji
The company launched in India at a time when anti-China sentiment is at its peak in the country. The Indian government has recently banned 59 Chinese apps. It also had a number of apps that beat Facebook in Asia's third-largest economy. Facebook's avatar is also seen as a clone of Snapchat's popular BitMoji, which was launched last year. The company says that this will also help increase social engagement.

Avatar was first launched in Australia and New Zealand
Users can create their own avatar from a sticker tray in the news feed post or in the comments section of Messenger. Facebook first launched it for users in Australia and New Zealand. It was then launched in Europe and America.

About 147 million Snapchat users created their bitcoins
Several companies, including Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, have tried to mimic BitMoji in recent years. But still no one has expanded it like Snapchat. Snapchat introduced Bitmoji TV earlier this year.
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Wednesday, 10 June 2020

FACEBOOK files case against Indian company, could face fines of crores

New Delhi: Social site Facebook has filed a case against an Indian company. The Mumbai-based company has been accused of using Facebook's name to commit fraud. The company is accused of using 12 such domain names.

 What is the case?
 A case has been filed in a Virginia court against a Mumbai-based company, according to a statement released by Facebook. Mumbai-based company Compass Domain Solutions Pvt Ltd has created 12 domains that match the name of Facebook. The complaint alleges that the Indian company may have committed fraud and embezzlement in the name of Facebook.

 Experts in the case say that the Indian company has registered a domain name with a name similar to Facebook. It has sites like, and It seems that these sites are designed to defraud people.

 Let me tell you that Facebook examines all sites and domains associated with its name on the Internet. The company also filed a lawsuit against an Arizona company in March this year. This local company also created a site that is similar to Facebook.
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Saturday, 23 May 2020

FACEBOOK will always provide WORK-FROM-HOME feature, however put a condition

California: In the Coronavirus era, most companies are offering their employees the facility to work from home. However, Facebook wants to continue this policy from Work to Home. However, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says that in the next 10 years, about 50 percent of the company's employees will be working remotely. That means they don’t have to come to the office. Facebook's decision could leave a smile on employees' faces. However, there is an implicit condition.

 Sonia Gandhi's statement in the meeting of opposition forces is like a cruel joke with the citizens of the economic package country

 Employees who opt for the Work-From-Home option will also see a reduction in their salary package. "We will offer relatively good celery, but they will be based on market rates and may vary depending on the location," Zuckerberg said. Work-From-Home will reduce the company's costs for food, electricity and on-campus facilities, but will also increase the cost of providing employees with the necessary equipment. However, it is not yet clear how much the decision will affect the staff package.

 MP fed up with bus politics starts sanitizing buses himself

 "I'm confident that 60 percent of employees will choose a flexible work environment and 50 percent will choose to move to another city if given the option," said Mark Zuckerberg. This is also true because if the company focuses on workflow home policy, employees will turn to affordable cities. Facebook will also turn on remote hiring. Which is considered to be the largest remote hiring ever. Earlier, Twitter and Microsoft also announced that they would allow employees to work from home until further notice.

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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Turn this thing off in Facebook settings, your internet data will be saved

In the midst of lockdown, it is everyday to sit at home and surf on social media Facebook. Being in the house, it increases surfing more and with this, the consumption of your internet data also increases. If you want to reduce the consumption of this data, then we tell you a precise and easy way of that, we are going to tell you with the help of which you can reduce your internet data consumption. For this, you have to go through your Facebook settings and make some changes.

 Actually, there are many features on Facebook, with which you can share your photos, videos and other things. But one of its drawbacks is that as soon as you visit the Facebook wall, the content there starts running automatically. Especially videos shared on your page.

 You probably know that any video on Facebook auto-plays and because of this your mobile data consumption also increases. If you want your mobile internet data not to be spent fast, then you have to stop the video autoplay by going to Facebook settings.

 To do this, first go to Facebook Settings. Here you will see the video written in the menu on the left side, after clicking on it, you will see the option of Auto Play Video here. Here you have to select No instead of Default. You will stop video auto play on Facebook after doing this.

 If you are an Android or iOS phone user, click on the menu in the bar below it and then go to Settings & Privacy and click on Settings. After this go to Meida and Contacts and you can stop it by going to the Videos and Photos option.
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