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Monday, 23 March 2020

How to know how much money comes in the bank of gas subsidy account stream?

Ever since the Modi government came, something has happened in our country, one of the same is the Prime Minister Ujjwal Yojana which the Modi government had brought for the poor of the country. And even today its dominance continues. People from all over the country are taking advantage of this. O also in a very small amount.

 But in 2015, PM Modi ji appealed to give up the subsidy, so that many people attended their duty and so that the country is not dependent on energy imports. About 15 crore people use gas in the country and imagine what will happen to the economy of the country if the government keeps putting its money in the account of everyone's subsidy.

 But there are also sensible people in the country, due to which the country is running today, they have given up subsidy, almost crores of people who do good jobs are leaders, they have government jobs, they have taken part in increasing interest in this country. The easiest way is to watch a lot of videos on YouTube.

 How can bank account holder get account information?

 Now come the main issue is how the pay subsidy account holder should know about his account, how much money is coming in his account and how much is coming. So for this you have to follow the process easily, just search your gas name on any browser.

 Then click on the status first, then fill your details as if the name of the account is also the name of the account holder, you can take the information. If you still do not understand, then there are so many videos on Azal YouTube that you do not need to ask anywhere, there is a lot of knowledgeable people, what is the harm in taking a little knowledge on YouTube.

 The rest, I have put photos of whatever step they are, they can try something from it. And this is to say that today the world is struggling with the global epidemic, so take care of this, take care of yourself, keep your social contacts low. Get out of the house as much as possible and if you like the article, then follow Jai Hind.
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Thursday, 13 February 2020

Price of non-subsidized domestic gas cylinders increased by Rs 149

new Delhi. There has been a steep increase in the price of non-subsidized domestic gas cylinders. According to Indian Oil, a 14 kg cylinder will now be increased by Rs 144.50 to Rs 858.50 in Delhi. In Kolkata, it will increase by Rs 149 to Rs 896.00, while the people of Mumbai will have to pay Rs 145 more. Here the cylinder will now be available for Rs 829.50. According to ANI, gas prices had not increased after January 1 this year.

 After the introduction of new rates from today, now 14 kg gas cylinder will be available in Delhi for Rs 858.50. The price has been increased by Rs 144.50 here. At the same time, Kolkata customers will get Rs 149 more by giving the same cylinder at the price of Rs 896.00.

 People of Mumbai will now have to pay 145 rupees more. Starting today, the new rate has been Rs 829.50. As far as Chennai is concerned, 14 kg non-subsidized LPG gas cylinders will be available for Rs 881 with an increase of Rs 147 here.

 Before the general budget, a record Rs 224.98 was raised on commercial gas cylinders. Businessmen have to pay Rs 1550.02 for commercial cylinders. At the same time, there was relief for domestic LPG consumers. There was no change in the market price of domestic LPG cylinder (14.2 kg) in the monthly rate revision. That is, people were getting only 749 rupees (14.2 kg) cylinder.

 Currently the government subsidizes 12 cylinders of 14.2 kg for each household in a year. If you want more cylinders than this, then you have to buy at the market price. Although the subsidy the government gives on 12 cylinders every year, the price of this also varies from month to month. Factors such as the average international benchmark and changes in foreign exchange rates determine the subsidy amount.
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Saturday, 8 February 2020

Great news for common man, now 1600 subsidy will be given on gas

new Delhi. You can also get the benefit of subsidy by applying PNG connection on the lines of Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala scheme. According to exclusive information from sources, financial assistance is being considered for urban poor consumers to get PNG connection. The Petroleum Ministry is preparing a proposal on this.

 According to sources, the government will bear a part of the PNG connection cost under this scheme. There are plans to include states in this model. The scheme is being considered on the lines of the Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme. The Gujarat model is being studied for this. In the first phase of this scheme, the target is to establish connections in 400 districts. The government wants to increase gas consumption to 15% by 2030.

 Currently, customers have to pay 5-6 thousand rupees on taking a PNG connection. The Gujarat model is being studied to provide financial support for PNG connections. The Gujarat government provides a subsidy of about Rs 1600 on PNG connections to poor urban households. NITI Aayog has also recommended to increase the number of connections.

 The government is soon going to allow CNG to start home delivery on the lines of petrol and diesel. According to Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, the government will allow companies to quickly deliver CNG home delivery.

 Explain that earlier the government started the home delivery facility of diesel. The Petroleum Minister said that the government is also planning for home delivery of CNG on the lines of petrol and diesel. Work has been started on this. Soon companies will be allowed to do this. State-run Indraprastha Gas Limited will make home delivery of CNG.

 According to the Petroleum Minister, the facility of ordering CNG sitting at home will be available on a call. Door step CNG will be made available to people through mobile dispensers
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