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Sunday, 5 July 2020

Google banned these 25 apps which steal Facebook password details, please delete them from your mobile

The Google Play Store has removed about 25 Android apps. These apps were stealing users' Facebook login details. Cyber ​​security firm Evina alerted Google about this, after which Google removed these apps from the Play Store. These apps came with a malware that kept records of Facebook login details. This app was found to be quite dangerous in terms of security. These 25 apps have been downloaded nearly 2 million (2 million) times. In such a situation, if you have also used any of these 25 apps, then be cautious. Come, let us tell you which are those 25 apps-

 These 25 apps were banned
 1. Super Wallpapers Flashlight. It has 5 lakh downloads.
 2. Padenatef. It has more than 5 lakh downloads.
 3. Wallpaper Level. It has more than 1 lakh downloads.
 4. Contour level wallpaper. It has more than 1 lakh downloads.
 5. Iplayer & iwallpaper. It has more than 1 lakh downloads.
 6. Video maker. It has more than 1 lakh downloads.
 7. Color Wallpapers. It also has more than one lakh downloads.
 8. Over 1 lakh downloads of Pedometer.
 9. Powerful Flashlight. It has more than 1 lakh downloads.
 10. Super Bright Flashlight.
 11. Super Flashlight also has more than 1 lakh downloads.
 12. Solitaire game also has more than 1 lakh downloads.
 13. Accurate scanning of QR code has more than 50 thousand downloads.
 14. Classic card game has 50 thousand downloads.
 15. There are 50 thousand downloads of Junk file cleaning.
 16. Synthetic Z has 50 thousand downloads.
 17. 50 thousand downloads of File Manager.
 18. Composite Z also has 50 thousand downloads.
 19. There are 10 thousand downloads of screenshot capture.
 20. Daily Horoscope Wallpapers have around 10,000 downloads.
 21. Wuxia Reader has about 10,000 downloads.
 22. Plus Weather also has about 10,000 downloads.
 23. Anime Live Wallpaper has around 100 downloads.
 24. There is no information about the download of the iHealth step counter.
 25. Com type fiction
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Sunday, 28 June 2020

Google brought such a great feature, it will tell the caller's name and reason for the call when the call comes

By the way, people identify those who make incoming calls with the help of an app like Truecaller in their phone. These include calls coming from the business people along with the common people. Sometimes you have to face trouble due to these callers. In this app you will also be able to block unwanted calls. But now Google has come up with a feature which is something like this but its features are different. With the help of this feature of Google, you will not only have the name and logo of the company calling you, but will also know the reason for this.

 According to the news, this feature is different from other call screening features as it gives information about any incoming call in the call screening while Google's feature will fit on the businesses that have gone through its verification process. When a call comes from these approved businesses, the user will also know the name, logo and the reason for the call.

 Giving information about this on its support page, Google has written that this feature by default will be turned on. However, the user can turn it off if they want. It also explains how Google verifies the company's call. Under this, before a business calls a user, Google will send the number and reason of the caller to the caller on his server. For example, food delivery or internet installation.

 When you get a call, Google will match the information given to you by that call and the information given to Google's server. If both these matches happen then only the call will come on your phone
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Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Apple and Google are working together to fight Corona, this special app will help in this way

New Delhi: Countries around the world are trying to beat Corona. The Health Bridge app has been launched by the Government of India to trace patients. The list now includes two of the world's largest tech companies.

 Apple and Google are working together to create a special app to beat Corona. This app will help to fight against Kavid-19 by tracing contacts.
Mobile company Apple and search engine Google are working together to create an app for contact tracing of Corona patients. The first picture of this app has also been leaked. Google and Apple claim that the app will easily identify people who come in contact with Coro patients, the app will work with a Bluetooth signal.

 Apple and Google have also announced updates to the API to protect users' privacy. Both the companies say that the privacy of this app is very strong. The first API framework was first released on April 10.

 Both companies are encrypting Bluetooth-related metadata to strengthen privacy, as this makes it more difficult for anyone to identify and use. Personal data has been encrypted with this in mind.

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Sunday, 5 April 2020

Cash back up to 1000 rupees on prepaid recharge from Google Pay and Paytm from home, you can also avail

Lockdown has been done across the country due to Corona virus. In such a situation, people are doing most of their work sitting at home. These include payment transfer and mobile to TV recharge. People are recharging them on Paytm or Google. Not only this, these companies are also offering a good offer on this. In this, on one side, Paytm is giving its users (Weekend Special Offer). At the same time (Google Pay Prepaid Recharge) is providing cashback of up to Rs 1,000 on prepaid recharge. However, both offers are quite different from each other. So we tell you how you can get these benefits and why it is different.

 This is how you can get great offers on Google Pay

 Actually, Google provides cashback to its users on every recharge. At the same, the company (Mobile Top Ups) is also providing cashback of Rs 10 to Rs 1,000 (CashBack Offer) on mobile top-ups. For this, users will have to recharge Rs 148 or more. According to the rules of the company, when you recharge the first top up, you will get a locked scratch card. It can range from Rs 10 to Rs 1,000. To unlock it, you have to make a second recharge offer under the same period. Keep in mind that this locked scratch card will expire on 30 April 2020. Offer to recharge is valid till 24 April 2020

 Up to 50 percent cash back

 Under this offer, the company is giving cash back of up to 50 percent on every recharge to its users. This cash back is made available only on 4G data add-on packs. According to the same Paytm, the company will give the benefit of this offer on recharge from 2 pm Friday to 12:00 pm on Sunday.
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