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Friday, 20 December 2019

Modi government changed the format of ration card, new cards will be released soon

new Delhi. The central government has prepared a standard format of ration cards, carrying forward the campaign of 'One Nation, One Ration Card'. The central government has asked the states that they should adopt this same form while issuing new ration card.

 Explain that the government wants to implement the 'One Nation, One Ration Card' scheme across the country from June 1, 2020. After the implementation of the 'One Country, One Ration Card' scheme, any cardholder will be able to take his ration from a ration shop in any state under the National Food Security Act (NFSA).

 Ration card portability will be available

 A senior Food Ministry official said, "To achieve the ration card portability target at the national level, it is necessary that the various states and union territories that issue ration cards should all be in a standard format. That is why a standard format has been issued for issuing ration under the National Food Security Act.

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 The official said that keeping in mind the format of all the ration cards which were being issued in different states, a standard format has been prepared for the entire country. The official said that the states have been asked to issue a new ration card as per the new format. Explaining this further, the official said that the ration card holder has included the necessary details in the standard ration card and states can add some more according to their needs if they want.

 New ration card will be released in two languages

 He told that states have been asked to issue standard ration cards in two languages. Use a local language as well as another language Hindi or English. This will help in implementing ration card portability at the national level. All info www. States have been asked to issue a 10-digit ration card, in which the first two digits will be the state code and the next digit will correspond to the ration card number. In this, the next two digits will be included in the ration card as the identity of each family member.

 So far 75 crore beneficiaries have been included in the National Food Security Act against the target of 81.35 crore beneficiaries.
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Sunday, 4 August 2019

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Ministers of Modi government are also seen in the action.  The government is now going to launch the 'One Nation-One Ration Card' scheme to provide convenience to consumers.  Actually, linking ration card to Aadhaar number has been successful to a great extent in preventing theft and rigging in this system.

 Consumer benefits from 'One nation-one ration card' scheme

 The proposed scheme of the government allows the consumer to pick up grain from any ration shop in another state at a discounted rate.  With this facility, consumers migrating to cities for livelihood and jobs will be greatly benefited.

 Ration shoppers help prevent arbitrariness and theft

 The Union Ministry of Food and Consumer convened a meeting of all the food secretaries of the country in Delhi on Thursday.  In this meeting, Union Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan spoke about the one-nation-one ration card scheme.  He said that the government will do all possible work for the interests of consumers.  He said that by bringing this scheme, consumers cannot be tied to any one shop.  Along with this, rationing will also help in curbing the arbitrariness and theft of shopkeepers.

 IMPDS scheme is already implemented in some states

 Ramvilas Paswan said that in some states of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Telangana and Tripura this program is known as Integrated Management of Public Distribution System (IMPDS).  This plan is going on successfully.  Under this arrangement, a consumer from any district within the state can get his share of ration from any ration shop.  The food secretaries liked this system very much, which all are ready to implement in their state.
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