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Monday, 6 July 2020

These facilities will be available with cheap plans, free calling and data at Rs 49 and Rs 69 launched by Reliance Jio in Corona period.

Reliance Jio has launched 2 cheaper plans for its Geophone users priced at Rs 49 and Rs 69. In these plans users get the benefit of data along with unlimited calling. Apart from that you will also get many other benefits in these plans.

Rs 60 plan

 Users get 7 GB of data in Geo's Rs 69 recharge plan. Geophone's plan is valid for 14 days. Geo-to-Geo Collingh is absolutely free in the plan. The plan offers 250 non-geo minutes when calling another network number. The plan has the facility to send 25 SMS. Users are also given a complimentary subscription to Geo Apps.

Rs 49 plan

 The validity of this plan is 14 days. In the plan, users get a total of 2 GB of data. Geo-to-Geo calling is free in this plan. The plan offers 250 non-geo minutes to call another network number. The plan allows users to send 25 SMS. You also get a complimentary subscription to Geo Apps.
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Sunday, 3 May 2020

Jio brings a bang on offer amid lockdown, get 2GB extra data daily

Telecom company Relaince Jio has been continuously introducing new plans to benefit its consumers. Now in this episode, the company has again launched 'Jio Data Pack'. Under this pack, consumers will get an additional 2 GB of data daily for four days for free. The company first launched this pack in early March 2020 and by the end of the month started crediting it to users' accounts.

 Every day 2GB extra data is being offered to the users on the existing plan. Last month, the company launched 'Jio Data Pack' offering 2GB Daily Data Benefit. According to the report of Telecom Talk, now the company is doing the same thing once again and users are being given 2 GB extra data daily with four days validity.

 Since April 27, the company is giving 2GB extra data every day under the credit Jio data pack being in the account. The company has started crediting the extras data into users' accounts from 27 April. It has also been credited on the account of some users on 28 April. After the extra data is credited to the account, it remains valid for four days. During this offer, users are getting to spend 2 GB extra data daily. Suppose a plan of Rs 599 is active on your Jio number, which gives 1.5 GB data daily, then the total daily data you get under this offer will be 3.5 GB.
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Saturday, 11 April 2020

Earn money with this Jio app! Lockdown period

People are imprisoned in their homes because of the lockdown caused by Corona. Smartphone has become the biggest support of people in lockdown. Someone is playing a game on mobile, then someone is watching a video on their phone. Due to this the consumption of internet data is also increasing considerably. If there is a lockdown then people cannot get out of the house due to which the number of online mobile recharge is increasing tremendously. If you also recharge online then there is good news for you.

 In fact, Reliance jio has launched the Jio POS Lite Community Recharge App in view of the problems faced by its users in recharging during lockdown. The special feature of this app is that through this app, anyone can become a jio partner and earn commission through recharge. No documents will be required for the registration of this app. So the latest mobile app of Jio can be downloaded from the Google Play store. You can recharge other jio numbers by becoming a partner of jio through this app. In return, the company will give a fixed amount of commission to the people.

 How can you take advantage of this app? To earn money through this app, you have to register yourself in Jio POS Lite. After that you will be asked to add an e-wallet. In this, you can add up to ₹ 500- ₹ 2000. And then if you recharge ₹ 100, the company will give you a commission of ₹ 4.16. Apart from this, this mobile app also allows people to save the recharge history of the last 20 days. There is no need for any physical verification to register in this app, nor any hardcopy of any document. However, this app will benefit those users who do not use online banking or any kind of digital wallet.
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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Reliance Jio's big announcement, free internet speed up to 10Mbps

Hello friends and welcome you once again in another new video and we are going to talk today about Jio's new plan because people are forced to live in the country due to Corona virus infection. At the same time, many companies have asked their employees to 'work from home' at such times. In view of this, now Reliance Jio has launched a new pack for people doing 'work from home'.

 The price of this recharge is 251 rupees. This recharge of Jio is named 'Work From Home Pack'. Earlier, BSNL, Airtel and some broadband companies also offered new plans for users doing work from home.

 If you talk about Jio's 'Work From Home Pack' then the price of this plan is 251 rupees and this pack is offered only for prepaid customers. In this pack, customers will get 2 GB data every day. However, internet speed will be 64 kbps after 2B GB data limit is over. Also, the validity of this pack is 51 days.

 Let me tell you here that the voice call and SMS facility of the company will not be available in this pack. Explain that many companies are giving work from home options to their employees. People are trying to stop coronavirus by adopting this method.

 Let us know that recently, telecom company Reliance Jio had offered double data in its cheap prepaid plans while giving a gift to its customers. The company upgraded data vouchers worth Rs 11, Rs 21, Rs 51 and Rs 101. However, there has been no change in the 251 rupee voucher coming in this list. Only the earlier benefits will be available in this voucher.

 In Reliance Jio's Rs 11 data voucher, the company previously used to get 400MB of data. But, after the change, in this plan, with 800MB of data, 75 minutes of live, non-live calling minutes are available. At the same time, in the data voucher of 21 rupees, the company used to give 1 GB of data. But, now 2 GB of data is being given. At the same time, the plan is getting 200 calling minutes on non-Jio network.

 Apart from this, in the data voucher of Rs 51, the company used to give 3GB data earlier. But, now 6 GB of data is available in this voucher. Apart from this, the voucher gets 500 minutes for calling on Jio to Non Jio network. At the same time, the company used to offer 6 GB of data in the Rs 101 data plan, now the company is offering 12 GB of data in it. Also, you get 1000 minutes for calling non-live numbers.

 The plan is quite good, so this was some information I hope you liked. Thanks for reading the post
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Sunday, 9 February 2020

Jio Valentine's Day offer: 6GB data per day for 84 days

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  Friends, if you are also a live user, then there is good news for you. Jio has launched its new plan to make this Valentine's Day more special. In this plan, you will be given unlimited internet for 84 days according to 6 GB data per day. The price of this plan of Jio is 329 rupees. With this, you will also be provided unlimited calling facility in this plan.

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Saturday, 8 February 2020

Jio made a splash, Rs 255 Gave up to 84 days bang offer

Jio is known for its great plan, Jio is offering an unlimited number of offers on its prepaid plan to its customers. .

 Let us tell you that Jio has his favorite plan 84 days validity plan which is priced at Rs 555. Is giving a cashback of Rs 300 on that plan.

 For the sake of information, let us know that Jio has made a strong offer for customers by joining the recharge application Phone Pay. If you get Jio's Rs 555 recharge plan through the phone pay application, you can get a cashback of Rs 300. Therefore, for a recharge plan of Rs 555, you will have to pay Rs 255.

 Talk about Jio's 84-day validity plan, while Jio's new plan is priced at Rs 555, in which customers get 1.5 GB data along with 84 days validity, as well as Jio to Jio Unlimited Calling and Jio 3000 minutes are found on other networks, within the Jio plan, customers also get the facility of 100 SMS daily. Let us tell you that this great plan of Jio is the most preferred plan of the customers.

Reliance Jio on Monday announced the launch of "2020 Happy New Year Offer". Under this plan, Reliance Jio is offering Unlimited Service for one year on payment of Rs. 2,020. This new plan of Reliance Jio will start from 24 December 2019.

 Reliance Jio's Happy 2020 Happy New Year Offer 'is available to customers of both smartphones and JioPhone. For smartphone users, Reliance Jio is giving unlimited voice, 1.5GB daily data, access to SMS and Jio apps.

 The validity of this plan is 365 days. Reliance Jio says that users can get a new JioPhone and service for up to 12 months by paying Rs 2,020.

 Under this plan, users get access to unlimited voice, daily 0.5GB data, SMS and Jio apps. The validity of the scheme for JioPhone users is 12 months. The company said that under the Happy New Year Offer, FUP will be applicable only on non-live voice calls.

 New plan comes after pre-paid plan of Rs 98 and Rs 149

 The plan came out shortly after the company introduced pre-paid plans of Rs 98 and Rs 149. Reliance Jio's Rs 98 plan offers 2GB data, 300SMAS, complimentary geo apps and free unlimited calls to the Jio to Jio network. This plan does not include free IUC minutes. The validity of this plan is 28 days.

 On the other hand, users are given 1 GB of data per day in Jio's Rs 149 plan. In this plan there is 300 minutes of free calling on Jio to Jio and Jio to non-Jio FUP minutes. In this, users are also given access to 100 SMS daily and Complimentary Geo Apps. The validity of the Rs 149 plan is 24 days.
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Friday, 7 February 2020

Jio's new offer for angry customers, Rs 179 for 365 days, know more

Reliance Jio first made people aware of high speed internet by providing 4G internet services in the telecom market. At that time, no company was offering cheap and good internet. Due to the slow pace, people faced huge problems, but Jio has found a solution to take the telecom market to new heights. Earlier, 1GB data had to be given from 300 to had 400, but due to Jio, 1GB data is available for 4 to 5 rupees.

 This is a new offer, know:

 Although Jio's customers are looking very angry with Jio these days, but seeing angry customers, Jio company has made a new offer in the market. This new offer is made available by Jio Company through the Paytm payment application. Under this offer, if Jio customers offer a recharge of Pay 2199 through Paytm payment application, they can get cashback up to 2020.

 179 to 365 days:

 Jio company due to cashback, 2199 recharge offer only. Can be obtained for 179. Let us tell you that 365 days long validity…

Reliance Jio Infocomm is finally rolling out its connected car technology to the 15th edition of Auto Expo starting at India Expo Mart in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The telecom giant aims to become the first major telecom company in India to expand its market for connected cars, a highly competitive yet newly formed market worldwide.

 Jio has been discussing the importance of connected vehicles, especially in the context of IoT solutions for the last three years. According to the news, Jio has been developing its connected car technology for over a year at its campus in Navi Mumbai.

 Jio's rapid growth in 4G services and 5G launch soon will confirm its associated vehicle solutions. Experts swear that 5G, combined with more powerful computer chips, will bring the perfect time for IoT and edge computing in the near future. For telecom players, the connected device market seems like a natural expansion. Mukesh Ambani also called IoT a major growth engine for the company. On the other hand, slow car sales in India may be a cause of concern for the car solutions market targeted at end consumers.

 IoT technology has been one of the technical areas where most of the telecom companies are trying to apply in transportation, manufacturing, home automation etc. According to reports, Jio will showcase a vehicle tracking system for transport service and logistics players, and will play a role for connectivity, networks and technology for connected cars. In addition, the company is working on its enterprise solutions, cloud networks and hardware solutions, all of which will help create a powerful connected vehicle solution needed for scale in India.

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Friday, 24 January 2020

This company will give 1GB of data for 1 rupee, direct competition to Mukesh Ambani's JIO

new Delhi. Mukesh Ambani revolutionized the entire telecom sector by bringing Reliance Jio, its effect was very negative on other companies in this sector. But customers got a lot of benefits because under compulsion all companies had to reduce their rate. Now the startup company of Bengaluru is gearing up to compete with Mukesh Ambani's company Jio. This company will provide 1 GB of data to customers for only 1 rupee. The CEO of the company himself told the media in an interview that how it will be possible to give 1 GB of data for 1 rupee.

 WiFi case will give direct competition to JIO

 The name of the company which provides 1 GB of data for 1 rupee to the customers is Wifi Bin. It is a startup company in Bagluru. The objective of this company is to provide reliable and affordable service to the customers and to fix the connectivity related problems.

 This way you will get 1 GB for 1 rupee

 In fact, when Jio entered the telecom sector, the cost of data in the country was the lowest in the world, at that time it was too much for many users, due to which they stayed away from data. With this thinking, WiFi Dabba started looking for new opportunities in this area. After which the company devised a solution called SuperNodes. According to the CEO of the company, the availability and access to the Internet puts more burden on customers due to third party hardware, software and network infrastructure. The WiFi box has its own hardware, software and networking, which helps in saving the vendor margin. Therefore, the company is able to provide internet to customers at a very low cost.

 Will start from bangalore

 The company is going to launch the scheme from Bangalore. After which it can be made available to customers across the country in view of demand.
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Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Jio launches voice over Wi-Fi calling service, now you can talk for free

Jio has released the stolen stealth voice over wifi (VoWiFi) calling service in various circles. Jio has released this service in many circles including Delhi NCR, Chennai. Let us know that Airtel has also started this service in December. The Jio Voice over WiFi service is not limited to Jio Fiber service only, as with Airtel.

 Airtel's WoWiFi service works only on Airtel Extreme Fiber. In contrast, the Jio Wo-WiFi service works with all types of WiFi. Airtel's Wi-Fi service is currently available in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu circles. The company has spoken of releasing this service in other circles soon.

 Indoor calling will be better

 With the help of this service of Jio, indoor calling can be further improved. With the help of voice over WiFi, indoor calling can be improved a lot. Analysts believe that telecom operators will be able to attract more customers with the help of this service. With its help, he will bring competitive packages, which will increase his income and competition in the sector.

 No app will be needed

 Consumers do not require any other app or login to use this service. Customers can use this service through any WiFi connection to get a better calling experience even indoors. With the help of this feature, telecom operators will be able to compete with those apps like WhatsApp, which provide calling facility.
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Friday, 27 December 2019

Jio introduced new offer, customers were waiting for it

Jio introduced new offer, customers were waiting for it

Reliance Jio has been providing data and unlimited call service to its customers at a very low price since its launch. Jio has recently started charging 6 paise per minute for outgoing calls to other networks. And thus Jio has left its IUC charge on customers and after this new rule, Jio customers are complaining about it in social media like Twitter. Apart from this, in order to give a little comfort to the customers, a new offer from Telecom Service Provider Jio has come.

 In which the report has been received by the customers and under this new offer, the company also provides enough time to its customers for 30 minutes. Accordingly, the talk time offer is available. Let us tell you that after 10 October, the connection can be recharged. According to Telecom Talk, customers will get 30 minutes free time as a one-time offer to recharge their phones for the first time and free 30 minutes will be provided for 30 days before the date of Jio recharge.

 On the other hand, Airtel Vodafone has not put any burden on its customers IUC. Instead, they have also made it clear to advertise on their networks to entice customers. There is no IUC recharge on its network and customers are very happy with this. Let us tell you that many customers are also going to go from Jio to Idea, Airtel and Vodafone.
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Wednesday, 25 December 2019

JIO's new plan 179, everything is free for 12 months, users have become bat ...

Mumbai Reliance Jio is considered to be the first such company at the present time, which has provided the fastest and cheapest 4G internet. Jio had entered the telecom world at a time when other free internet had no name. At that time internet was quite expensive, as well as customers had to face the hassles associated with slow speed. If noted, 1GB of data was also available at 300 to 400 at that time.

 As such everyone is aware that Jio customers are angry with Jio's new expensive plan. That is why Jio has introduced a new offer in view of angry customers. The way the company has been providing offers benefiting customers from the beginning. This time, Jio has partnered with the Paytm Wallet application to present a new plan. Under this offer of the company, if customers buy Jio's 12-month plan, they will get a cashback of ₹ 2020.

 Due to this 2020 cashback of Jio, Jio's 2199 plan will be available only in 179. Jio has recently launched this 12-month plan. In which 1.5 free GB data is being given daily with a validity of 12 months. Apart from this, Jio Unlimited free calling from customers Jio and 12000 minutes free voice calling is being given on other numbers.
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Monday, 23 December 2019

New offer for angry customers of Jio, all this for 12 months free .

Mumbai Reliance Jio Company has become the first such company in the market, which firstly provided good internet with high speed. At that time Jio company came in the market, then no internet was being provided by any company. Rather expensive internet was available at that time, as well as customers had to face huge difficulties related to slow speeds. At the time, companies used to charge 300 to 400 for 1GB of data. But today due to Jio, 1GB data is available for ₹ 4 to ₹ 5. You know that Jio's customers are very angry with Jio, but now Jio company has made a new offer in the market in view of angry customers.

 The Reliance Jio company keeps on offering new offers to benefit its customers right from the start. This time also, the Jio company has made a new plan available in partnership with the Paytm payment wallet application. Under this new offer of Jio company, if Jio customers get Pay 2199 through Paytm Wallet application, then customers can get huge cashback till 2020. Due to the massive cashback of 2020, a 2199 recharge can be obtained for just 179.

 Jio company has recently launched a recharge offer of ₹ 2199, in which it will be given free to all Jio customers for the entire 12 months. In this offer of Jio company, 1.5 GB data is made available daily with a validity of 12 months. The joy for Jio customers is that in this offer, with Jio to Jio unlimited calling, 12000 minutes are available absolutely free for voice calling at other numbers.

 In this offer of Jio company, even after the expiry of daily data limit, Jio customers are given unlimited internet facility at the speed of 64 kbps. Talking about other advantages, in this offer of Jio company, SMS are given daily for SMS on all numbers on local and STD numbers. In addition, a complimentary subscription to all Jio applications is offered absolutely free for 365 days. The biggest joy is that through the Paytm wallet, the cashback of up to 2020 can be returned by recharging 2199 offers of Jio company. Jio customers will get this cashback offer on recharge before 31 December.
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