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Sunday, 21 June 2020

Modi government will put 36 thousand rupees in these accounts, you can also benefit

The number of such people in the country who work in the unorganized sector and the income of one month is less than 15 thousand. Modi government has started a scheme for such people. Under this scheme, a provision of a minimum pension of Rs 3000 per month has been made after the age of 60 years. Also, if the beneficiary dies while getting the pension, then 50 percent of his pension will be given as pension to his spouse. The name of this scheme is Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan Yojana (PM-SYM).

 Before the scheme, the National Pension System and the Atal Pension Scheme were available to the people. Under the Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan Yojana, a person with income below Rs 15,000 will get a pension of at least Rs 3000 every month after the age of 60 years. To get this pension, the employee will have to contribute a fixed amount every month and the same contribution will also be from the government. Why this pension scheme is special, let us tell you.

Who can benefit
 According to government figures, around 42 crore people in India belong to the unorganized sector. These people have the opportunity to take advantage of this scheme. According to the data, till May 6, about 64.5 lakh people have registered themselves in it. The age for registration under this should be between 18 years to 40 years. Under this scheme, any worker belonging to the unorganized sector, whose age is below 40 years and not taking advantage of any government scheme, can take advantage of it. Keep in mind that the income per month should not exceed Rs 15,000.

 How much premium to deposit
 The premium will be charged according to age in this plan. The younger the member, the lower his premium will be. If someone will join this scheme at the age of 18, then they will have to deposit Rs 55 per month. Similarly, a person aged 29 years will have to pay Rs 100 and a worker of 40 years will have to pay Rs 200. This is the maximum premium. This amount will have to be deposited till the age of 60 years. The more premium you deposit, the more amount the government will deposit in your name.

 How to register
 To register under the Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan Yojana, it is mandatory for the employee to have a mobile phone, savings bank account and Aadhaar number. The eligible can go to the nearest Common Service Center and enroll for the Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan Yojana by self-attesting the Aadhaar card number and Savings Bank account / Jan Dhan account number. Once registered, all the information will go to the Government of India through online medium.

 Get information on toll free number
 A toll free number has been issued to enable the Prime Minister Shram Yogi Manadhan Pension Scheme to get the benefits easily. Complete information about this scheme can be obtained by talking on toll free number 18002676888. The Central Government has made the labor department office, LIC, EPFO ​​a labor facility center for the scheme. Information about Prime Minister Shram Yogi Maandhan Pension Scheme can also be obtained in these offices.
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Thursday, 11 June 2020

Need to be a vocal for locals, medicine for trouble: PM Modi

New Delhi: PM Modi addressed a program of the Indian Chambers of Commerce. In his address, he said that the way forward will be decided only by the power of resolve. Today the country is facing many challenges. The medicine of trouble is strength. Difficult times come with opportunity. The whole world is fighting against Covid 19 and India is not far behind. But every countryman is now working with the will to turn this calamity into an opportunity. PM Modi appealed to the countrymen and the business community that this is the right opportunity to become self-reliant in the area where India is lagging behind. "It simply came to our notice then.

 PM Modi said, "India's fight against Korona is very big. Every countryman is full of determination. Disaster has to be turned into opportunity. There is an opportunity to become self-reliant. The Koro crisis is a major turning point for the country. To take the self-reliant India campaign forward. India is on its feet. Those who give up do not get a chance. '

 In his address, the Prime Minister said, "It is time to become a vocalist for the locals. Young people come forward in the development of the country. There is a need to increase the use of indigenous goods. Our effort is to empower farmers. Start a self-help lesson with your family. Buy goods from small shopkeepers. We have to think about how India can become a big exporter.

 PM Modi said that every Indian today will have a question in his mind that I wish we become self-sufficient in the field of making medical devices. I wish we could be self-sufficient in coal and mineral sector. I wish we could move forward in oil production. I wish India would become self-sufficient in the production of fertilizers. I wish India would become self-sufficient in the field of electronic manufacturing. India is flying its flag in the manufacture of solar panels and chips. India becomes self-sufficient in aviation. Only then will we be able to move forward. He said how many shakes shake every Indian. In the last 5-6 years, India's goal of self-reliance has been paramount. The Corona crisis has taught him a lesson in making things brighter. The lesson of self-reliant India campaign has been learned from this.
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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Create a product that is 'Make in India' and 'Made for the World': PM Modi

New Delhi: Wishing the 125th anniversary of CII, PM Narendra Modi said that man finds a solution to every problem. The aim is to save the lives of the countrymen, to boost the economy. Online events are becoming more common in the Corona period.

 PM Narendra Modi said, "India is in a better position than the rest of the world. A self-reliant India is our highest priority. We will regain the growth rate. Unlock 1 will reopen the economy. I have faith in the farmers and industrialists of India. "

 He further said, "The Prime Minister has helped the poor through the Garib Kalyan Yojana. 80 million gas cylinders have been given free to the poor. Now the farmers are getting their rights. India has taken the right steps at the right time. Ration to 74 crore beneficiaries. For us, reform means taking tough action. "

 PM Modi said, "Leaving the lockdown behind, India has entered Unlock 1.0. Have faith in India's capabilities and its crisis management system." We will definitely achieve our growth rate. We have to take strict measures to fight the Corona virus and at the same time take steps to monitor the economy.

 PM Modi said, "India has hope for the world. We are constantly reducing imports. Has produced millions of PPEs in three months. The country is on a new path of development today. Small businesses are the engine of the country's economy. India has the potential and the talent. "

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Saturday, 23 May 2020

One crore poor people have benefited from this scheme of the government, informed PM Modi

New Delhi: Even amid the Koro crisis, the central government is helping the poor through its schemes. One crore poor have so far benefited from the Modi government's Lifetime India Scheme. This information was given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself on social media. It is to be mentioned here that under Ayushyaman Bharat Yojana, financial help is given to the poor of the country for excellent treatment. Under this scheme, the poor are guaranteed free treatment up to Rs 5 crore.

 PM Modi tweeted, "Every Indian will be proud to know that the number of beneficiaries of a living India has crossed one crore." In less than two years, the initiative has had a positive impact on so many people. I wish all the beneficiaries and their families well. I pray for their good health. '

 He further wrote, "I applaud our doctors, nurses, health workers and all those associated with Living India. Their efforts have made it the largest healthcare program in the world. The scheme has won the trust of many Indians, especially the poor and dalits.

 PM Modi wrote, “The biggest benefit of a living India is portability. Beneficiaries can get good and affordable medical service not only where they are registered but also in other parts of India. It also helps people who work away from home. '

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Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Exit plan from LOCKDOWN? PM Modi's national address tonight at 8 p.m.

New Delhi: Amid the Corona crisis and lockdown, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation once again today. PM Modi will address the nation tonight at 8 pm and outline the steps being taken by the government to stop Corona. After that the lockdown will proceed with some more delays. The answers to these questions, however, will be available in PM Modi's address tonight at 8 p.m.

 Coronavirus: Coronavirus cases in the country crossed 70 thousand, so many new cases in a single day

 PM Modi has addressed the nation four times in the fight against Korona. He will address the nation for the fifth time today. The public first called for a curfew on March 19. In another speech he announced a 21-day lockdown. In his third address on April 3, he appealed to Corona to celebrate the 9-minute light festival. In his fourth address on April 14, he extended the lockdown until May 3 in a 24-minute speech. PM Modi will address the nation for the fifth time tonight at 8 p.m. It remains to be seen whether he will announce.

What can the PM say in his address?
 PM Modi may make a big announcement on lockdown in his address tonight. PM Modi had a video conference with the Chief Ministers of all the states of the country only yesterday. The CMAs of Maharashtra, Punjab, Telangana, West Bengal and Bihar appealed for a lockdown. PM Modi had sought suggestions from all the states on lockdown by May 15. Now there is speculation as to what will be mentioned in PM Modi's address.

Live pm Narendra Modi.

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PM to announce exit plan from lockdown?
 Will PM Modi announce increase in lockdown or will he announce exit plan from lockdown? A little bit of information about this can be seen from PM Modi's speech. This will be PM Modi's fifth address to the nation amid the Koro crisis.

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Thursday, 7 May 2020

PM Modi gave this message to the world on Buddha Purnima

New Delhi: Today the world is honoring the Corona Warriors, who are fighting a battle against the havoc of Corona virus released in the world. Under this, PM Modi attended an event on the occasion of Buddha Purnima today. Many big leaders of the world including PM were present in the program through video conferencing. During this time, Prime Minister Modi said that Lord Buddha gave the message of service to the world. In his address, Prime Minister Modi urged the whole world to come together in this hour of crisis, India will help all the needy in this time of crisis.

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that this time the circumstances are different in front of the world, the world is going through difficult times. But in today's time, the preaching of Lord Buddha has become even more relevant. The Prime Minister said that it would be a privilege for me to be among you today. But the current situation does not allow this. India today is helping everyone by following in the footsteps of Lord Buddha.

 The Prime Minister said, "We stand with the world in the fight against Corona without worrying about profit and loss. He appealed to the people that we have to protect our family as well as our surroundings. Helping everyone in times of crisis is everyone's religion. In times of crisis many countries remembered India, and India also helped them. In such a situation, India's progress lies with the progress of the world. "

 A virtual event was organized on the occasion of Buddha Purnima to show respect to the Corona Warriors fighting against the corona virus released in the world. Many big leaders of the world participated in this program. Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing this program said all these things. The Prime Minister also said that the world has changed today. But Lord Buddha's message has not changed. He said that Buddha is not limited to any one situation, he gives a message to help everyone under humanity.

 The Prime Minister said, "Today in many parts of the country and in the world, people are serving their own way, whether it is to control traffic, rule the law, treat the sick, everyone can serve on their behalf Has been doing. Today all people are dedicated to this day. With concerted efforts, we will be able to defeat Corona. "
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